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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mattica Lives On

Carrying on in the tradition of his father Matthew has had an extended birthday. He started the past saturday with a party in Wheaton. It had a pirate theme. He had a good many of his friends there. today was his actual birthday and we went to eat at a missionaries house here in Waxhaw. They knew that it was his birthday and they made him a cake and gave him a present. It was very nice and also very unexpected. We are going to see Nana and Papa on our way back up Friday in Charolette and I think they are going to have something for him there. And I also suspect that Grandma and Grandpa have sent him something that will be waiting for him when we get home. In adition to all this we have not given him his present from us yet either. It must be great to be 5. He has realy been a great sport about all the caious around his birthday. We are enjoying the sunny weather here in NC. All is going well with our interviews and working with them. They are great people. I have also built a sset of stairs for them since I have been here. Tomorow and thursday I will be working in a house helping to finish a kitchen.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving Forward

Everything seems to be going well with our application to Wycliffe. We had a phone interview with them earlier this week, that went well. We are also going to their Jaars facility, in Waxhaw, NC, next week for further evaluation and assessment. We are looking forward to being in NC again. I will be taking tests and working with some of their staff there. It is amazing how fast the process is moving. It can only be attributed to the hand of God. I am excited about meeting more Wycliffe folks and seeing the Jaars facility. Please pray that we make the trip safely and without incident and that everything goes smoothly while we are there. We will keep you posted.