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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Financial Update

Dear Friends,

                We just finished mailing the last of our prayer cards this morning. If you would still like one and have not given us your address it’s not too late. Just message us with your mailing address. I also wanted to let you know we only need $677 more in monthly support. We have one month left to get the support we need to return to our work in PNG by July. We need your help to reach our support goal. I recently spoke to someone who said that what they could give would not make a difference. But that is not true, every contribution makes a difference. I would like to remind you of the story of the Widow’s Mite. This story is a prime example of what the smallest gifts can mean to the kingdom of God. I’ve also heard people say, “I’m waiting to be the one to put you over the top.” Now is the time, the final push is on, and the goal date is drawing near. Please, help us to reach the top today.

                I would also like to ask a favor of you. If you are considering becoming a financial partner or if you have already mailed in your card would you please let me know what your commitment level is. It is my responsibility to compile our commitments and let Wycliffe know where we are. Because time is short I need to stay as current as possible.

                We are still looking for places to speak in the next couple of months. We would love to come and share about what we are doing with your congregation, Sunday school class, or missions group. Just send me an email or give me a call and we can set it up.

                If you are interested in partnering with our ministry through prayer or financial support,  you can go to: http://www.wycliffe.org/Partnership.aspx?mid=Z2OH1L and sign up. Or you can mail your commitment to:

                Wycliffe Bible Translators
    PO Box 628200
    Orlando, FL 32862-8200
Please attach a note stating “for the ministry of Matt and Tiffany Crosland 215582”.

                Thank you for all of your help. Please pray God provides all we need to return to our work.

                Matt and Tiffany Crosland


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Prayer Cards!

{photo by Frankie Creel}
It's been four years since our last prayer cards were sent out. Our new ones are here, thanks to Frankie Creel! If you are not on our mailing list and would like a new card email us at: matt_crosland@wycliffe.org and we'll get one out to you ASAP.
Also, in financial news...We are getting closer to our goal of a July return to PNG! We still need $782 per month to reach 100% of our budget. If you would like to join our support team, go to our support page and follow the prompts there. All gifts made to our ministry are 100% tax deductible! A BIG Thank You to all of our new supporters as well as those of you who have been in it with us for the long haul. We are thankful for each and
every one of you!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Tide Is Turning

When I updated you last, we were pretty sure that financially it wasn't possible to make it back to PNG. We were discouraged and confused. This past week everything has changed. We have a renewed energy and excitement to get back to our work there. And most importantly we have seen a big increase in our support level! We now need $870 more per month to get back to PNG! Our next course is scheduled to start August 14. So, that means we need to be 100% funded by June in order to get our plane tickets, and get back in time to settle in a bit. If you have been considering becoming a monthly supporter, now is a perfect time to get on board! To sign up to give online, go to:: http://www.wycliffe.org/Partnership.aspx?mid=Z2OH1L
and just follow the prompts. As always all gifts made to our ministry are tax deductible.
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have been praying, giving and inviting us to speak! We'll keep you posted....