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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Round 3: The final bout, I hope

Well, the doctor called us back and said that Matthew was going to need surgery on his arm. It had gone back to where it was. He had surgery last Tuesday. They went in and rebroke his arm, straightened it, and put some pins in it. He was quite confused when he woke up. He gave the nurse a hard time until the rest of the anesthesia wore off. The picture to the right is of him in his hospital gown shortly after we got home. I will be taking him back for a follow up this Thursday. Please pray that it has stayed in place. He will have the pins in it for about 3 weeks. Then they will take off his cast and remove the pins and give him a shorter cast. He will probably be in it for another 3 weeks. He has also come down with a pretty serious case of cabin fever. As you can see he's been inside with Silas until we get the all clear from the doctor.

Despite all of this we still found time to go camping in Wisconsin with some friends from church the weekend before his surgery. The Pictures above are from this trip. The first picture is Silas in his stroller at the camp sight, the second is Matthew, Isaac, and me in the lake swimming (it was cold), and the third is Mae in the lake. We had a great time and received a great many mosquito bite. The kids love the camp fire. It made me think back to our time on the Appalachian Trail.
School Started today and I had my first class. I was ready to start back. But, I am also ready to be finished and begin working. I have sent out a few applications. Please pray that God will direct us to the job where we can most effectively serve him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Round 2: boys will be boys

Well, it only took about 24 hours. Matthew got his cast of on Friday afternoon and by 6:00 pm Saturday we were on the way to the ER with another broken arm. I guess I should say the same arm broken again. Mae and Matthew were playing in the family room stacking up beanbag chairs and he climbed to the top and fell off. He broke the same arm in the same place. The bone was off set this time. The ER doctors didn't set it while we were there so the orthopedic had to set it Monday when we went in. It was pretty rough. It looked like he rebroke it but it seem to be realigned. He has to go back Monday for another x-ray to make sure that it is still lined up. He is in a cast above his elbow for the first 2-3 weeks this time and will have to remain in a cast for six weeks. He chose a red cast this time. He saw someone in the office with a yellow one and he said when they put the short cast on he wants it to be yellow. Everything else is good we are getting settled in to the new house. There is still a lot to put away.