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Friday, January 29, 2016

Help Us Buy a Van

Hello blog friends! We are at it again, selling T-shirts. This time we are raising money to buy a van for our family to scoot around centre in at night. Matt travels some and that leaves Tiffany alone to walk around taking kids to activities etc. It's pretty unsafe here in the highlands for women and children to walk alone. And is especially awful in rainy season. 

Our friends are selling the yellow sub to buy a more respectable vehicle.

Isn't she something special?

It was pretty much love at first sight.

Tiffany has come up with a very special T-shirt design that will be available for just 2 weeks. February 12th is the last day to order. You won't find these anywhere else any other time. 

Go to: 
to order your shirts today!
Thank you for your help.