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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do You Ever Feel Like You Can’t Get a Break?

sept2013 040
(Isaac at Rempi)
Yesterday we had a beautiful day down at Rempi. We loaded all of the students, the canoe, paddle board, food, water, snorkel gear etc. etc. in to the trucks and spent the day paddling around and floating in the gorgeous Bismark Sea. It was the first day since we’ve been back in PNG that I truly felt well and at ease. I even said to Matt on the way home “I just had my first really good day in months…”
Matt noticed a toothache coming on as we were driving back up the mountain and mentioned he thought he might need an antibiotic.
This morning when I woke up the first thing I noticed was that my face was burning. Evie came in and said “MOM! What is that red and white stuff all over your face!!?” I went to look in the mirror and saw an unsightly inflamed and infected rash all over my face- cheeks, chin, nose. Then I noticed it was down my neck and chest too. Further inspection revealed that it also is all over my back. Matt awoke and said his tooth was really hurting and he thought for sure he was going to need antibiotics. I went to visit our nurse, Verna, who lives here at POC with us part of the time. I showed her my skin and she said she thinks it’s not serious but maybe a reaction to something in the water yesterday, so she sent me home with Benadryl (the only thing I can take while pregnant). She said she is more concerned with the cough I’ve had for weeks. Our doctor down in Madang is out of the country until next month so really all I can do is wait it out and pray.
I came home to find that Matt discovered our water tank is completely dry. This is our only water to shower in, wash dishes, flush toilets, and drink. Later we also found out that our kitchen manager’s tank is also dry.
In the meantime Matt went to see Verna with his toothache. He was sent home with a powerful antibiotic to hopefully kill whatever infection is in his mouth. (Did I mention that I also chipped the back off of my front bottom tooth last month?) Of course the nearest dentist is in Ukarumpa (a 7 hour truck ride away). We won’t be able to make it up there until or students go to the village in October.
Please understand: We don’t make it a habit to go whining around with all of our afflictions and problems but it is becoming hard to bear. And for those of you who want to know how to pray- now you know.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for rain!!!!!! And our health!!! Pray that the baby won’t be harmed in any way!! We are not without hope.
Thank you,