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Friday, September 25, 2009


as i type i am holed up in a 2 bedroom appartment in wake forest, nc with 5 children on a rainy afternoon. we are on the road again. oh how weary i am of traveling -running the roads in our too small minivan. exhausted. i long so much for a home right now. somewhere that is familiar and ours to do what we want to with. my boys desperately want to build a tree house. mae wants polka dot walls. the baby needs a predictable routine. i just really want enough closets for our clothes and sheets and stuff. none of this is going to happen any time soon so i am trying to become an expert at contentment. sometimes i ask myself why we are living like this- why are we dragging our children through this gypsy life? the truth is (and i mean this in the most unreligious way) that i care more about obeying GOD than i do my own comfort most of the time... anyway would you please pray for our family? that we will finish this race even stronger than we started. that we will be energized anew. that GOD's love will shine through us...

Monday, September 7, 2009


Happy Birthday to SiSi!! he turned 2 yesterday...we had pizza and "chocolate happy cake" then made tie dyes it was sooo much fun. we were impressed with our work... here is my baby boy at birth~ check out the hair!

all of my beloved photos were rescued from cyberspace!! i am sooo thankful! sometimes as a busy homeschool mama my memory doesn't work as well as it used to and my pictures are my memories...

we croslands never do anything half way we go all out...thankfully we are recovering from the swine flu and matthews ear is much better now that the spider is out... i look at all of this as preparation for the mission field.

Good Preparation