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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

moving forward

It's official! We are signed up for ICC (intercultural communicatios couse) and CAM (contruction and maintenance) at the JAARS (jungle aviation and radio services) facility in Waxhaw, NC! We are also learning to be fluent in acronymese =) . Classes start January 22nd, and we will move January 2oth to our appartment there. i only have to take the first course so i'll have 4 weeks of class. The 3 boys (and maybe E)will go to MK junction for the mornings that i'm in school, and Mae will homeschool with another family.
It just hit us that this could be our last American Christmas for at least 4 years! So it makes even more special that we can be with our whole family this year.
Matt has been busy applying for his Papua New Guinea work permit, and Evangeline's passport is applied for. It's busy busy busy around here, and so exciting...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


( More photos by the lovely Courtney Girdwood...)

i'm home from the ultrasound...and we found out the lump is an enlarged lymph node. No signs of cancer. i was just told to watch it for a couple of months to make sure it doesn't grow. Thanks be to GOD!!

Also we have passed the half way mark in our budget!! We are now at 54.3%! We are soo very excited to get to the JARRS facility to finish our training. Classes start January 22nd. More on that later...

For now i just want to celebrate the Christmas holidays in thankfulness for my health. A big THANK YOU to my faithful praying friends! i could feel peace in my heart through it all because of your prayers.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

please pray

hello friends! this is just a quick post to ask for your prayers... i have had a strange lump under my arm for several months now. i finally got up the courage to go to the doctor yesterday and he agreed that it is suspicious. so, i am scheduled for a bilateral ultrasound tuesday at 2:00, for what they called a 2 cm breast mass. i am just asking for you to please pray for complete healing and a totally clean and healthy ultrasound report next week. its just too scary to think ahead of that right now so i'm not allowing my mind to go into the "what if" mode (you know, the 5 small children with no mother place). and either way to GOD be the glory... tiffany