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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around the world with a half dozen

       We have been in PNG for a week now. I guess it is time to reflect on our trip over. Leaving home always brings mixed emotions for me (Matt). On one hand We are leaving all of our family and friends we have had for so long. On the other we are returning to a place that we truly love and to people whom we love and who love us. It is also very stressful to go. But I think the stress lies in the business of it all. This is compounded by each additional person you throw in the mix. In the weeks before we left we got passports and visas, we packed bags to ship and to take with us, we all went to the dentist and to the doctor, we got malaria medicine, and what seems like a million other things all for 8 people.

      I asked the doctor to write the prescriptions for our malaria medications for 3 months because it is so much cheaper in the US. Tiffany took the prescriptions to the pharmacy and they said it would be a couple of days before they could fill them because it was so many pills. That was understandable because there are so many of us and it was like 90 pills apiece. So I waited an extra day and went back just to be sure they had time to fill it. The pharmacy only had 2 of the prescriptions filled. They tried to get the meds from 2 different distributors and were unable to get them. They then tried to get the medication in its generic form. they were able to fill 4 more prescriptions that way but that still left us 2 prescriptions short and we were leaving in 2 days. they then called the pharmacy across the street who had enough to fill one of the two. The manager of the pharmacy then went to one of their stores in a neighboring town and got enough to fill the final prescription. this is just one example of what our final weeks were like.

     Our trip was rather uneventful, no baggage lost, no missed connections, no sickness or horror stories. All of the children travel well and they were all well behaved.  We had to take 2 extended layovers this time that we had not taken before and I think they helped us to adjust. The first was in LA. We were there for 2 nights. We have some friends there , the Shermans, with whom we had the chance to spend the afternoon. Our flight did not leave until 10pm the next day so we stored our bags and took a sightseeing tour around the city. We saw, Marina Del Ray, Venice Beach, Hollywood, The Sunset Strip, Mann’s Chinese Theater, the walk of Stars, the Hollywood sign, and lots more. It was a nice way to close out our time there.

     Form there we went through Auckland, New Zealand on our way  to Cairns, Australia. Miani was born in Cairns so it was nice to get back and see the sights. Though it is winter in Australia right now Cairns was very nice. The kids played at a splash pad and swam in the pool at the place we were staying. We also did a little bit of shopping for last minute things that we realized we would like to have.  The one sad thing about our time in Australia was that while we were getting our stuff ready to put in the taxi to go to the airport we realized that we had lost our camera somewhere in Australia (hence the reason there are no pictures with this post). We moved between hotels while we were there and I think it actually got lost somewhere in that move but we were not able to track it down so we are without one.

  Though the last two flights were the shortest of all they might have been the most taxing. I think Miani had had all he wanted of traveling by that point and he didn’t want to sit calmly in his seat (our laps). the people around us  were very kind though and didn’t seem to mind him too much.

All in all it was a good trip and we are finally here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 days and counting

haus man 002 - Copy       It is hard to believe we are just 11 days away from going back to PNG. The prospect seemed so bleak for so long, but God is in control and He acts in His own time. We are in the process of sorting through everything and deciding what stays, what goes and what to give away. It really doesn't seem like it would take very long but when you multiply it by 8 even the smallest task turns into a chore.
     We are grateful for all the things you have given us to take back. Each one of these items makes our lives a little easier. We still need quite a few things as you can see by the “Wish list” on the right side of the blog.
      They will be packing the shipping container at the JAARS facility in Waxhaw, NC on July 10th so we have to have everything packed, labeled, and listed before then. My Dad and I are planning on taking everything up on Tuesday the 9th (next week).  I am looking forward to doing that together. We are also going to visit my grandmother’s farm in York, SC while we are up that way. I have not been there in many years.
     I know some of you have expressed interest in helping with the remaining items. It would be great if you could get whatever you have to us by Saturday July 6th so that we have time to pack and label everything properly.
     On a totally separate note the 4th of July is just a couple of days away. It is one of my (Matt) favorite holidays. We arrived just in time for it last year. the kids had a great time. It was probably the first time that they were old enough to shoot fireworks themselves. When they started seeing the fireworks stands around town this year they asked if we could buy some fireworks to shoot this year. Being my favorite holiday and so close to our departure date how could I refuse. We are planning on buying them on the 4th and having our own little show an Nana and Papa’s house. We don’t have fireworks in PNG so this will be our last chance for 3 years.
     Thanks again to all of you who have made our return trip possible. Keep praying.