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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, we are about to begin our 2nd full week of ICC. i have to tell you i'm enjoying this more than i thought i would. i was never much for the classroom...but this is such GOOD GOOD stuff!

The children, especially Matthew, are enjoying going to "school". Mae homeschools with another family who have a 3rd grader too. Matthew has a tutor come to MK Station to teach him reading, writing and math. He LOVES Ms. Sylvia! It's very tough for me to be away from my babies and knowing that they are in such loving capable hands is an answer to prayer. Thank you GOD!
i'll leave you with a quote from Duane Elmer's superb book, Cross-Cultural Servanthood...
"Every human contact requires an openness that invites others into our prescence for a moment of grace, if we so choose-or a moment of profanity. Yes, that is the right word. We profane another person whenever we fail to honor them as human beings. Because every human being is made in the image of God, each is intrinsically connected to Him and is therefore sacred, being stamped with God's own imprint. How I treat "the least of these" is how I treat their Creator. If I extend to them hospitality, I reveal God's beauty and grace. If I am uncharitable toward another person, I fail to honor the God who gave them dignitiy. Jesus' identification with us is so intense that what ever touches us touches Him. By profaning another another person I profane God."

Saturday, January 16, 2010


is it seriously time to move again?? whew...life is such a whirlwind sometimes! having a new baby, moving 3 times in a year, traveling all lover the country, and trying to homeschool through it all is wearing me down. i really feel like my feet haven't hit the ground yet from the first move while preggo...your prayers are certainly coveted right now to say the least.
also, someone reccomended that we get certain individuals or families to pray specifically for each child. i think that is brilliant. is anyone out there interested? is anyone out there still reading? leave a comment if you want to pray for one of the children and i will contact you.
and a quick financial update...we are currently at 61.9%. YAY! our goal is to be in PNG by august...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

9 years

Nine years ago today i realized my calling in life...and felt for the first time what supernatural love is. i have never been the same.
Here's to nine years of being in love with you, my girl...the world waits to see what you are going to do. xxoo