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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


aaarrrgh. I'm annoyed with the internet situation here. i guess it didn't take long to get over being amazed that we can still email in one ofthe most remote areas of the world. i have so many photos i want to upload from the villiage but it takes 15 minutes to upload one...which costs an awful lot. Maybe i'll upload one a day with a little explanation  what do you think??

(ok, i just tried for 35 minutes to upload one photo and it NEVER worked! UUUHHG!)

stay tuned friends....i'm trying again tommorrow. xo

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just a quick update to let you know we made it to Ukarumpa last week. Sending BIG LOVE to all of you who have stuck with us through the no blogging time. We have SO much to share...more to follow... we are working on a more affordable way to update frequently. I'll leave you with our traditional Thanksgiving "We Are Thankful For:" list...xoxo

Avacado, Aunt Teresa, Alphabet,Bikes, BOXES IN THE MAIL!, Blueberry GG, bats, bears, bilums, Brandon, CoolWeather, cats, colored pencils, computer, carrots, cards, candy, cell phone, Dancing, Dad, Drew B., DD, Evangeline, ETERNAL LIFE, FRIENDS, fireplace, flowers, frogs, food, family, GOD, Grandma, Grandpa, Graham, Grummits, Haley, Happiness, house, HAnnah W., herbs, honey, Isaac, ice cream, Juice, KING JESUS, LOVE, learning Tok Pisin, Mangoes, Mom, Matthew, Mae, Mosquito nets, Meghan, MiMi, medicine, men, monkeys, markers, MUSIC, Nana, Orange juice, Papa, pizza, parrots, paper, post office lady, Quilts, QUIETNESS, Rides home, rooms, Silas, sunshine, saftey, swings, swimming, suppoters, silly bands, Thanksgiving, TREES, TV ((?) we don't own one), turtles, TEA, umbrellas, Uncle Timmy, Violas, violins, villiage family,wind, wife, Xrays, xylophones, yarn, YOU, yard, Zebras, and zippers.

if you don't make a yearly thankful list you should....gather the pikinini and go through the alphabet. It's SO MUCH FUN!  xo