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Friday, April 15, 2011

So Much For Farming

april 2011 010

{Matt and the little fatty}

So, i said i was going to tell you about our livestock…

Unfortunately, our pig has died, our friend planted him yesterday. We bought two in Ukarumpa and brought them back to Madang (a 6-7 hour bumpy ride over washed out roads). They didn’t take the ride very well…we sold the smaller of the 2 and had our friend in the village below us take care of ours at his house. Easy come, easy go…the plan is to try to find a new pig in Lae in early May.

Maybe you are wondering why. Why would you want to raise a pig in a third world country while expecting your 6th child??

Well, culturally a pig is a BIG Deal. We want to raise it and fatten it and when it is time for us to go back to America (in 3 1/2 years or so) we will have a HUGE feast and celebration (an amamas) to tell all our PNG friends and family that we love them and we will miss them. They were elated when we showed up 4 days late with a pig…but like i said- easy come easy go…we’ll let you know if we give it another go….

xo tiff

april 2011 009

{the brown one on the left was ours}

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Courtney said...

Hello Croslands, from the Croslands :). I found your blog through google and thought it was cool that there is a family out there that spells their name the same :). I'm sure your husband is related to my husband somehow!! I can't wait to read more about you through your blog! You guys sound awesome!