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Sunday, August 14, 2011



bilum 002


It is our 1 year anniversary in Papua New Guinea!!!

And to celebrate we are giving away a beautiful handmade bilum made in the highlands of PNG…


There are 3 ways to enter…

1. Become a follower of our blog then leave a comment to let us know.

2. Leave a comment and tell us something you would like to see in a future post.

3. Blog about us and link from your post to our blog. Then leave us a note in the comments about it.


Leave separate comments for each entry.

We will randomly choose a winner on the morning of August 30th. {PNG time}

Deadline to enter is midnight of August 29 OUR TIME. {check the sidebar for local PNG time}

We can’t wait to hear from you!!!


bilum 003 - Copy

{the correct way to carry a bilum…of course they make great diaper bags, purses or carry-alls too :) }


<3 tiffany


Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

I am already a follower. ill fb about this giveaway. I want that purse!!!! gahhhhh.

Robin said...

I'm followin' as of.......NOW!

lisa said...

Would love to see pictures of your sweet family with their new sibling(when the time is here!)in your future posts. Also would love to win this cool bag for my daughter who is a senior in high school this year.

Robin said...

I think you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was in INDO when the Timor thing was going on-----I Pray for you and your FAM♥♥♥♥

camille yanair said...

i love your blog and i'm a follower!!

camille yanair said...

i'd also love to see more snippets of the art in/around PNG :) and i LOVE THAT PURSE!!

selena said...

I am following!!!!!! I am in love with that purse and your fam! xo

selena said...

For future posts: I'd be curious to know how about Australia & how you all are getting along there! I have always wanted to visit there and I commend you for raising 6 kids and traveling about...how do you do it?!

Jill Funkhouser said...

I love your blog and am a follower!

Jill Funkhouser said...

I woule to hear you talk about more of what you see and do there. Thanks!

Paul/Pam Eubanks said...

Hey Croslands! We are already followers also. Would love to see more pictures of the kids also. Would love to know how they are doing now that has been a year. Would love to win this also!

On a side note, our homeschoolers are studying countries and cultures would love some info from Australia while you're hanging out there waiting for the next Crosland to arrive. Also would love some info on Papau New Guinea as well. We love you guys!

The Eubanks (Pam)

Nicole said...

It's beautiful! I linked to your blog from mine! :)


Daphne Woodall said...

See you are on your way to Au. We're praying for you. In celebrating your 1 yr. I have also posted your link on my blog. So add me to your drawing. Of course it gave me an opportunity to share about Gene's trip. I posted Tilad's photo but I guess he won't see it since you are leaving PNG. We are collecting Sermon Cds and will forward to Australia.
Gene sends his love.
Daphne Woodall

Teresa B. said...

Even though we have been reading your blog we just became followers today. Daniel and I continue to pray for you. Would love that purse!

Teresa B. said...

Even though we have been reading your blog for awhile now I just became a follower today. Daniel and I continue to pray for you,