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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fight for you right to potty



    What? What makes you think that this isn’t a good time to start potty training? The fact that we just moved to a new country. Or maybe the fact that Tiffany is going to have a baby in less than a month. Or the fact that we are going to have to move into another apartment in a couple of weeks.

   Maybe we are just gluttons for punishment. But we started potty training Evie a couple of days ago. I feel like we have a pretty good system. The first step is to wait until the kid is about two and a half. Then we take them to the store and buy them a potty and a bunch of undies. While we are there we buy some M&M’s or something similar and a bigger individually wrapped candy.


      We then put them strait into the undies and tell them how big they are and how they have to keep their undies clean. We take them to the potty every hour. Every time they pee in the potty they get 2 m&m’s and when they poop in the potty they get the bigger candy.

     The first day or two is usually rough and you go through 8 or 10 pairs of undies in a day. But it gets better really quick. The second day with Evie she didn’t have any accidents and she only had one today. She still wears pull-ups at night. She has been napping in her undies though.

    We have done this with every child and they have all potty trained within a week. You just have to make sure you take them plenty. But when they know they are getting m&m’s they start trying to go all the time and that’s ok too.

     The real reason we did it now was that I hate diapers with a passion and I only want to have one in them if we can help it. Tiff changes 97% of them but that 3% is enough for me to do potty training.


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