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Sunday, December 26, 2010

drum oven

{dough rising on our "kitchen counter"}

one of my favorite memories of villiage life was teaching the Songum ladies how to bake bread in a drum oven. a drum oven is a homemade contraption made of sheet metal and such. [matt of course made ours]

{finished bread in the drum oven}

i knew i had truly been accepted into villiage life when my poro (friend) from next door told me that we were going to make bread and sell it at the market. it was an ENORMOUS hit. we sold half of it before we even got to the market. the rest sold out in 5 minutes.

{selling our bread in the market}

my friend, Beti decided that a fair price for 1/2 a slice of bread with margerine would cost 20 toya (around 7 cents US). our total after selling out was around 6 kina or $2 US which we split between us. the market is obviously not a money making event..
more on that next time~


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