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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Working with my hands

OK this is Matt. Tiff wanted me to post something today so here it is. I am going to depart from the PNG kaikai but don't worry she will do more on that soon and there is lots more to say. I am sure that most of you know that I am happiest when my hands are busy. While we were in the village they taught me how to make all sorts of things but the thing that I enjoyed working on the most was carving bamboo. In the lowlands ( they call it the "nambis" -beach) where we did our village living, they have a distinct style where they carve pictures into green bamboo. Then they coat it with coconut grease straight out of the tree. Finally, you cook it in a fire then let it dry in the sun. The finished product is a beautiful white piece of bamboo which has images carved into it.
( carving bamboo nambis style)
When we got to the highlands I noticed that they had  a totally different style. All the bamboo was brown and it looked more like it was etched and shaded. So  I decided to ask one of the guys that was selling it how he did it. He explained it to me and I told him how we did in at the nambis and of course he told me that was all wrong. The next time I went to the market I brought one that I had made in village living to show him. He liked what I had made but he said he was going to teach me to do it "right" and then he presented me with a piece of bamboo that he had already prepared and told me to scratch an image on it and bring it back to him to look at. I didn't know it at the time but this was a test. He was happy with what I made so he said he was going to show me how to prepare the bamboo and how to make a number of other crafts. Yesterday we went to the river near his house and while the kids played in the water I received my first lesson (pictured below.) It is amazing and wonderful how God opens up doors through natural giftings that he has given each of us. One last thing Paul (the highlands man pictured below) said the next thing that I made he was going to sell in the market. He said that no one would believe that a "white skin" had made it so he wanted me to sign it! I am loving it here, thanks everyone for helping us to be obedient to the calling on our lives.
(Paul and I preparing bamboo)

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OneBigHappy said...

So what we need now is a photo of what you carved. And a million dollars. No, we'll just make do with a photo of the thing you carved. Do you have a photo of the thing you carved? If not, we'll make do with a million dollars. Or not.