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Sunday, May 29, 2011

*Haus Karim Project*

{It is through happy tears that I write about this super exciting project we’ve been working on for months! We’ve been hung up in paperwork for weeks now and I was getting worried…but THANK GOD we’re movin ahead!}

The infant mortality rate in PNG is 52 per 1000. This means that more than 1 out of every 20 babies here dies before his 1st birthday (2009). These deaths are mainly due to lack of antenatal care and preventable diseases. Compare this to the US where the infant death rate is 6.06 per 1000 (2011).

{the children of Wopepa- all were born in the bush unattended}

Pregnant mamas and babies, and all things birth are my passion in life. There is NO way I can live here and not do whatever is in my power to help.

{members of the Helt Bod at the site in Amomonta}

Back in January our brothers and sisters at North Wake Church asked us what project they could raise funds for at their annual missions auction. After checking with our valley relations man, Sam, up in Ukarumpa we decided to partner up with the Yamuka Helt Bod (a volunteer health organization), 5 local villages, and the government hospital system to set up birthing centers (haus karim) that will provide a safe place for mothers to give birth. Our plan is to build 4 haus karim in the villages surrounding Ukarumpa, provide the needed equipment, and train 2 women and 1 man from each village.

{Cleared site at Akuna}

Sadly just 2 weeks ago, while awaiting the building to begin, another baby died in Akuna while the mother was laboring unattended in the bush. The mother is also having complications. When this happens, the whole village is grief stricken. This time everyone in Akuna has vowed to complete the haus karim before this happens again.

{Sam at the site in Wopepa}

All five of these villages are SO excited that they have already cleared the sites and gathered their share of the building materials. I cannot wait to update you when building begins!!!

Please be in continued prayer for this ongoing project.



Anonymous said...

Just awesome Tiff!!!

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this is so wonderful!!!